Us Vertically Challenged


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Well, yes there is great benefits of being short-like buying children’s shoes(Sooo much cheeper). There is also those things that make us the driver of the struggle bus. And here is just a small taste of the struggles being vertically challenged (:

1. You don’t even have a choice- You are now an armrest for all of your friends.


2. Not being able to reach the top shelf. Or trying not to die while figuring out a way to reach it.


3. ‘Short Jeans’ are still too long. It makes them look like you have socks built into your jeans.


4. Being mistaken for a child.

5. There is a very thin line between acsentuating your curves and looking like a slutty middle schooler.

6. Sitting or standing behind a tall person.


7. Wearing heals just in order to be a normal height.

8. You’re feet are always dangling when you take a seat.

9. ‘Crop top’ Fits like a normal shirt.

10. Yes, I am short. Now please stop taking my stuff and making me reach for it.

11. Large child or small adult?

12. Sun visors in a car. Biggest joke ever.

13. You will never be intimidating.


14. This.



Midnight Mind Wondering


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As a teenage girl, It would be an understatement to say that I’m stable. I am young and oh so very confused. Religion has always been a tough topic for me. I was raised as a Christian,  not exactly sure of what it meant. I still attend church and learn about the Bible; I would not label myself as a Christian though. I’m honestly not sure what I belive in. I believe that the world is a amazing creation and I belive that something must happen when we leave earth. I mean, if you just think about how amazing it is, that all of us have souls that are different from any single living creation; we are so complex in so many ways. It would be a waste if all of that just went to a waste.

I heard a song the other day and it spiked my interest.  Wide eyes by the local natives, just to be exact (: I found the lyrics interesting and went upon the normal routine and searched different meanings of select words,  the band,  opinions of the song-Anything you could possibly want to know. The song is about this boy in Nepal, he was a Buddhist.  In 2005, he literally sat in the folds of a tree trunk and just simply meditated. He supposedly lived for months on end without eating or drinking. Of course, this drawled thousands of people around to witness this. No one could explain how this fifteen year old boy was living, not any scientist or professional. There is a theory that he was so spiritually tapped into the tree, that he was getting the nessasary nutrients from the tree.  He later disappeared due to the tourists surrounding him, claiming,


“There is no peace”.

It just really makes you think.